ICO: Chances & Risks for Startup Founders

ICO: chances & risks

How do Initial Coin Offerings work, and is it a way for my startup to get funding?


!!! UPDATE !!!

The ICO Interview Series has evolved!

When I started interviewing the ICO experts, it became obvious, that I also need to cover the "other side" of an ICO: those people, who may (or may not) invest in an ICO. And connected to that, the whole topic of crypto currencies. After all, if you do an ICO, you are issuing a new crypto currency. And there are over 1000 already... CRAZY!

So I extended the scope. I teamed up with Michael Schnepf, a friend, entrepreneur and crypto enthusiast. And I extended the Interview Series into:

The 1st Global Crypto Online Summit

And we gave the baby the name: Cryptario!

Check out the details of the Summit, which goes live on 10. February 2018!

Cheers, Florian


WikiPedia: "Initial coin offering (ICO) is an unregulated and controversial means of crowdfunding via use of cryptocurrency, which can be a source of capital for startup companies."

  • ICOs exploded in 2017 and became a media highlight
  • The average ICO was 25m € in Europe, $30m in the USA in 2017
  • Startups often raised 10m € just with a concept
  • 539m € raised in ICOs in Europe in 2017, $1.2b in USA, 285m € in Asia
  • That's already about 4% of traditional venture investments in Europe
  • 28% of all funding raised in Estonia was through ICOs in 2017
  • Authorities (ESMA) call ICOs "extremely risky and highly speculative"
  • Some visionaries think it's only the beginning; some say it was a hype

I will squeeze the experts for their insights and opinions. Let's hear what's what, and learn from those people, who have done it, and who have the inside view. That's my goal with this interview series.


I invited experts from Europe, USA, UAE, Australia and China to share their insights and views about chances and risks of ICOs for startup founders. My goal is to help startup founders (and the whole startup ecosystem) understand what ICOs are, and if they can be a feasible way to get funding for their startups.

I will publish the interviews in January. You can request access now to view them.



ICO Experts





Some of the 15 confirmed global ICO experts:

David Siegel

David Siegel Blockchain, crypto-investing, ICO, decentralization expert

CEO & Co-founder of 2030.io (Switzerland) 

Aimee Vo

Aimee Vo Growth Strategist - Blockchain & Crypto Marketing

AimeeVo.com (Australia)

Azam Shaghaghi

Azam Shaghaghi Blockchain Strategy Consultant

Chief Evangelist Officer ICO at Tokenza (Canada) 

Dylan Senter

Dylan Senter Expert of ICO standards and development

Co-founder of Spectiv (USA)


I invited experts from all around the world (Europe, USA, UAE, China, Australia). They cover all aspects of an ICO to give you a full understanding of ICOs, the chances and risks, and whether it may be a way to get funding for YOUR startup. Topics discussed:

  • Basics: What is an ICO and how does it work?
  • Business: Is an ICO right for MY startup or type of business?
  • Marketing: How to make an ICO a successful fundraise
  • Technology: The "magic tech" behind an ICO
  • Legal: Is it legal in my country?
  • Tax: Risks and pitfalls - how ICO earnings are taxed
  • Trends & Future: Where is the ICO market going in 2018 and beyond?


Hey - Florian Kandler here. Fundraising expert and startup mentor.

More and more founders asked me about ICOs. So I decided to create this special interview series. It is part of my GetFunding.how platform for startup founders.

Learn from the experts and get involved in the discussion. Request access today to get started. It's free!