Funding Report 2018

Funding Report 2018

Discover, learn & get inspired by founders who got funding. 

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Funding Report Media Partners
Funding Report Media Partners


The most comprehensive list of startup funding rounds and the stories and fundraising tips of their founders.

  • The most complete list of startup funding rounds per year
  • Fundraising tips and background stories from the founders
  • Funding details and stats across all funding deals
  • Guest articles about ecosystem trends from key startup players


Austria, Portugal, Netherlands, Finland, Belgium, Ireland, Denmark, Norway.

Because my goal is to stimulate and inspire founders and the startup ecosystem, I publish Funding Reports for the "smaller" startup ecosystems of Europe. 

The intention is to show aspiring founders: "HEY, it can be done here - look at all the local successes that you might not have heard of before". PLUS: Share some actionable advice from the success-founders about HOW it can be done.

Do you feel passionately, that a Funding Report is missing for YOUR country, and that you want to support efforts to create one? I love your spirit! Email me!


Funding Report 2018 will be published early February. You can pre-order now.

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