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You are invited by LinkToLeaders + GetFunding.how to join an exclusive Fundraising Live Webinar AND have a Chance To Win a Fundraising Masterclass Ticket!

The Live Fundaising Webinar: Content + Dates

  • How to find and contact investors on eye-level; and avoid pitching to them "from below"
  • How you can control the fundraising process; and not let investors push you around or let you wat.
  • The top 3 strategies to close a great funding deal
  • Choose either 19. or 25. April live webinar session

Your chance to win: Fundraising Masterclass and more

  • Prize #1: One ticket to Fundraising Masterclass, Batch #3 (starts 1. May) - value €597 (more info)
  • Prize #2: Two hours one-on-one with Florian Kandler - Fundraising Strategy advice - value €394
  • Prize #3: One hour one-on-one with Florian Kandler - Fundraising Strategy advice - value €197
  • More information about Fundraising Masterclass

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Meet Florian Kandler. Host of the Live Webinar + Creator of the Fundraising Masterclass


I love sharing my knowledge to help other founders have huge successes too. It gives me tremendous pleasure to see a founder take in what I’m sharing, digests it, adapt it to his or her unique situation, and start getting results.

Florian Kandler • 3-time-founder, fundraising expert, startup mentor Creator of the Fundraising Masterclass, host of the Live Session