Fundraising Masterclass

Your Step-By-Step Guide To Set Up And Execute A Successful Fundraise

50 exclusive videos guide you step-by-step: how you prepare and execute a successful fundraise. For only €297,-

Why Enroll In This Course


Actionable fundraising strategies, methods, and hacks, based on my experience of 10 years in 3 startups with €3.000.000 in 3 funding rounds.


No boring lectures! Enjoy engaging video tutorials where I explain everything. And you get templates, checklists and guides to implement what you learned.

What You Will Learn

Understand Venture Deals

The math behind venture investing – what investors need from you

​Your First Investor Meeting

Your strategy for the first time you meet an investor 


How to cold-contact investors like a pro 

​The Right Investor

Identify the right kind of investor for you and your startup 

​Find Investors

Where to find investors you can contact 

​Prepare Like A Pro

How to prepare for fundraising to get more meetings 

​About Me, Florian, Your Masterclass Instructor

Hi, I'm Florian!

Hi, I am Florian Kandler, initiator of the Startup Milestones platform for European startup founders. I'm a 3-time founder, currently working on launching my 4th company. With Fundraising Masterclass, I want to share my knowledge and help founders who REALLY want to take their fundraising abilities to the next level, and get the money that they and their startups deserve.

I will share my best and most actionable fundraising strategies, methods, hacks and tricks. It is a best-of from all I learned in the past 10 years:

  • from my 3 startups that raised over €3.000.000 from VCs and Angels in Germany, Austria and the USA
  • from 100s of hours of trial-and-error, fundraising and supporting other founders to raise funds for their startups
  • from 100s of talks with successful founders, VCs, and Angels for my Startup Podcast and Startup Report

​Why I Created The Fundraising Masterclass

Back in 2011, when I started fundraising for my startup Ulmon for the first time (and miserably failed for months), I felt overwhelmed and lost. I didn’t feel in control. I didn’t fully understand investors. And all the books and blogs I had read only partially helped me understand.

The biggest help I ever received, and the biggest progress I always made, was when I met experienced founders, who took me under their wings. When they listened to my struggles and shared their experience and concrete advice with me. That REALLY helped me. Those founders paid it forward to me - helped me - without expecting anything in return. Thank you Mark, Norberto, Paul - and many more!

Years later, I felt it was my turn to #PayItForward, and share what I had learned from 3 funding rounds in 2 of my companies. I started mentoring, teaching, doing workshops and even created a podcast.

And in spring 2017, I decided to try to create something, that contains all my fundraising experience; that is concrete and actionable; that helps founders across Europe speed up their fundraising and their chances of success. So, I went to work. It was tough. Sometimes frustrating. And more than once, I thought about giving up.

In July I finally felt ready to put the results on the table and make my creation available to the community – the baby was born! Its name: Fundraising Masterclass. I launched it, limited to 20 startup teams. And it was fully booked within days – by 30 founders from 20 startups from 8 countries across Europe.

And now, in October, I open it up for the next batch of 20 startups. I'd be excited if you joined this group of amazing founders - and let them and me be your startup mentors.

Sincerely yours, Florian Kandler

Where You May Have Seen Me Before

Conference Speaker

Startup Mentor

Teaching Founders

​Guest Writer

​What You Will Learn

What's inside the Fundraising Masterclass

Course Topics Included

    Section 1: How Venture Deals Work
  • Understand the fundraising process: from preparation to closing
  • Get a step-by-step plan to execute your fundraise
  • Pros/cons of VC, Angels, Corps, Incubators, Grants, FFF
  • The math of venture investing - how Investors calculate
  • Manage your ownership structure across investment rounds
  • Convertible Notes vs. Priced Rounds
  • What value you can get from Smart Money investors
  • Section 2: Your Valuation & How Much Money To Raise
  • Understand your current phase & next milestones
  • What progress you should focus on in your current phase
  • What is the valuation of your startup
  • How much money you could & should raise right now
  • How you plan your fundraising timeline & strategy
  • Section 3: The Most Effective Fundraising Material
  • Your One-Liner to pitch your idea in one sentence
  • Your Teaser, to raise interest in a short email
  • Your Executive Summary, to get you in the door
  • Your Pitch Deck variations for the right situations
  • Other material that will help you get investor meetings
  • The most effective hacks & tricks for your material
  • Section 4: How To Contact & Meet Investors
  • The best ways to contact investors
  • How to cold-contact investors like a pro
  • ?How to get powerful introductions to investors
  • How to build relationships before needing money
  • Which investors you should NOT contact
  • How to get several investors interested simultaneously
  • How to prepare for the first meeting
  • Your strategy & goal for the first meeting
  • What to do after your initial investor meeting
  • Section 5: How To Close The Deal
  • Understanding a Term Sheet
  • The most important pieces of your contracts
  • Negotiation tactics to get the deal you want
  • Do's and Dont's during negotiations
  • BONUS: The Fundraising Toolbox
  • Tools to support your fundraising activities
  • Lists of relevant resources experienced founders use
  • Lists of investors in Europe to find your match
  • INCLUDED: The FMC Community
  • Contact to Masterclass students & alumni
  • Access to our closed Facebook group
  • Access to the bi-weekly live hangout Q&A

​What Masterclass Students Say

Alumni Of Fundraising Masterclass

Jurgen Appelo
Founder/CEO of Agility Scales (Rotterdam) 

Sara Green Brodersen
Founder/CEO of deemly (Copenhagen) 

Martin Gerstl
Founder-to-be (Vienna) 

Batch #1 of Summer 2017 & Bath #2 of Autumn 2018

30 Founders, 20 Startups, 8 Countries (Photos below of Batch #1)

PLUS: more founders from Batch #2 of Autumn 2017 - from 10 countires

To learn how investors work, how they think and what's important to them was super helpful. -- Richard H.

The knowledge you get in the Fundraising Masterclass cannot be easily gathered elsewhere. It saved me a lot of time. -- Anna R.

Finally I found a process, a structured way to start and execute my fundraising. A great methodology! -- Sara B.

​Real hands-on advice about what and how to prepare the right material for investors was extremely valuable. It gave us even more clarity than we thought we already had. -- Martin G.

​Great methods and ideas to start right away. -- Jürgen G.

​The structure of the presentation and your way of bringing the message across was great. -- Anna S.

I loved the content and your powerful enthusiasm -- Roland P.

​I really loved it, the tips about how to approach investors. -- Calina G.

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