Not able to find enough investors, or get your deal closed?

The 3-Step Strategy to Get Your Fundraising "Un-Stuck"




The 3-Step Strategy to Get Your Fundraising "Un-Stuck"

  • How to run a clean fundraising process with enough investors
  • How to influence timing and make investors follow your lead
  • How to control the message to make investors put an offer on the table

Topics covered - 60 videos, 2 hours 45 minutes of video content

  • The 4 possible scenarios of getting stuck - and how to overcome them
  • How investors think, and what you need to do to make them act
  • Understand the decision process of investors in order to manage it
  • How to take control of the fundraising process
  • How to make investors follow your time line
  • Not enough investors? How to get meetings with more investors
  • Not invited back for follow-up meetings? What to focus on in the first meeting to get invited back for a second meeting
  • Investors interested but not making an offer (Term Sheet)? How to make them act
  • Not enough offer on the table to close your round? How to make other investors join
  • Only bad offers (Term Sheets) on the table? How to find the best deal
  • How to re-activate dormant investors


Dr. Florian Kandler

Dr. Florian Kandler

Flo Kandler is a three-time founder, publisher of Startup Report, host of the popular Startup Milestones podcast, speaker at conferences across Europe, and teacher at Accelerator and Incubator programs internationally. 

His own startups have raised millions from Angels and VCs in Europe and the USA, including Rocket Internet and Oliver Samwer. He lived in Silicon Valley, Copenhagen, Munich and currently Vienna.

Flo Kandler is one of the few startup coaches in Europe who has actually pitched for his own startups in Silicon Valley, London, Berlin, etc. and successfully negotiated and closed deals. So his know-how is hands on, practical, and fire-proven.

Founders from 15 countries have raised capital and built scalable businesses with the help of Flo Kandler through 1:1 coaching, workshops, and via his online programs.



Actionable fundraising strategies, methods, and hacks, based on my experience of 10 years in 3 startups with €3.000.000 in 3 funding rounds.


No boring lectures! Enjoy engaging video tutorials where I explain everything. And you get templates, checklists and guides to implement what you learned.


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